Employee Discount Program

What is Good Job® Employee Discount Program?

Simply put, Good Job® provides employers with the means necessary to reward their employees or members for doing a Good Job. The Good Job® Program allows registered members access to a web page filled with special offers and HUGE discounts on a wide array of popular events, products and services from top brands and local Toronto area businesses.

Good Job Program Employee Discount Program is fully managed and features exclusive discount offers for your employees. Yes, that's rigt, all you have to do is nothing! It's easy to use, fully responsive, intuitive web interface with 2 clicks to great deals. We even offer a customized option with your corporate identity and direct URL.

We offer the best deals from the local Toronto and surrounding area businesses for customized rewards. We can even reach out to local businesses around your work place at no extra cost to you. We offer centralized & exclusive discounts with no administration. Our offers and discounts are updated frequently and the rewards can be extended to family members at no additional cost. We also offer free access to local technical support for all members, email notifications to all member upon request and online draws/contests for amazing prizes. Our Good Job Employee Discount Program is easy and fun.

Our Employee Discount Reward Program is designed to boost your company morale, by rewarding all employees.

Simply put, it's Employee appreciation program, a nice way to say "Good Job", to keep your employees happy, because happy employees make your customers happy as well.

Contact us for more information about our Employee Discount Program, or to arrange a trial.