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Aside from being a totally free channel to advertise on, Good Job® operates very different than other employee discount websites that charge fees to its partners to advertise. This means you pay to advertise on their site, plus, you absorb the cost of the discount.  That’s kind of double dipping in our view.  If your customer acquisition strategy is to offer value-added products and services while maintaining the integrity of your brand —in exchange for loyalty, then Good Job® is the ideal choice.  

We will never ask for payment to advertise your brand. Good Job® is a fee-based program paid for by reputable employers that are continually searching for ways to motivate, encourage and retain its employees.  Many even use it as an incentive to attract new talent.

Advertise with Good Job® and expect to acquire new customers, gain brand awareness, and increase your marketing reach to a group of employed Canadians ready to buy and expect not only exclusive deals but ready to form relationships built on value and trust.


Good Job Concierge lead generator. (For qualified partners only)
The Good Job Concierge (GJC) service is reserved for partners who can benefit from the one-to-one interaction with our members.   GJC allows you to custom tailor an offer, introduce the face of your company, and collect the information you need for a follow-up.

What if you could offset your customer acquisition costs by incorporating it into a discount or special offer that doesn't tarnish or cheapen your brand —and gets you results?   
GJC does just that!

It's the ideal lead generation tool that is 100% free and will not affect the brand you worked so hard to build.  It’s no secret that people are more inclined to buy from a trusted source like family or friends, who doesn’t love hearing “ I know a guy/gal”   This is your chance to be that person!

Choose GJC and begin fostering relationships, creating brand awareness, nurture sales leads and convert prospects to repeat customers!

What’s included with the Good Job Concierge;

A custom built online data capture form with up to 12 personalized questions
Your own website landing with page and banner featuring a photo of you,  or an authorized representatives.  
A direct link to your full contact details
A link and map to your location (if applicable)
Opportunity to advertise a contest, giveaway or draw through Good Job.
Above the fold exposure on our newsletter
Opportunity for full media coverage on all our advertising channels
Opportunity for Video advertising
Opportunity to post featured product gallery
Seasonal offer exposure

Read enough? Ready to go?
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